Issue Areas

Protecting Taxpayers

Illinois families and businesses bear one of the highest tax burdens in the nation. Illinoisans pay the second-highest property taxes in the nation, third-highest gasoline tax, and sky high sales taxes. And now liberals in Springfield are proposing yet another tax hike on Illinois families by raising the income tax. Illinois Rising Action is committed to protecting Illinois taxpayers and job creators against the liberals constant tax hikes and fiscal mismanagement by working with conservatives to push for fiscal sanity in Springfield.

Government Corruption

For too long, corruption has been the calling card for government and politics in Illinois. Dozens of elected officials have been thrown in jail and even more are under federal investigation for using their public office for personal financial gain. Illinois Rising Action is committed to uncovering corruption at all levels of government to ensure people serving in public office are only serving for the public good – and not lining their pocket books.

Balancing the Budget

Every year in Springfield, liberals turn to the same old playbook to try to balance the budget – raise taxes.  In fact, twice in the last ten years, Illinois families have been subjected to two of the highest tax increases in state history. Rather than address the real drivers of state spending and debt, liberals simply just raise taxes and go home. It’s lazy, it’s unethical and it is disrespectful to the families and businesses that call Illinois home. Enough is enough. Illinois doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. Illinois Rising will push back against the Illinois liberals’ insatiable thirst for more taxes because we cannot tax our state into solvency.

Medicare For All

A single-payer, government-mandated approach to health care would cost taxpayers more than $32 trillion over ten years, eliminate private insurance, and force every American into a one-size-fits all government-run health insurance plan. Illinois Rising Action supports a system that lowers costs, improves access, and provides families the freedom to control their own health care decisions. 

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