JB Pritzker in Michigan Legal Trouble

JB Pritzker in Michigan Legal Trouble

Pritzker’s donation to Gov. Whitmer that grossly exceed the personal giving limit outlined in Michigan law is the latest example of his belief that rules do not apply to him

September 14, 2021

Governor JB Pritzker is in legal hot water in Michigan for his $250,000 donation to Governor Whitmer’s re-election committee, a donation that grossly exceeds the personal giving limit outlined in Michigan state law. Pritzker is not a novice when it comes to politics and is acutely aware of laws and regulations that donors and politicians must adhere to. Therefore, his efforts to evade Michigan law with this donation should be concerning to Illinois families.

From Center Square:

Designating 10 major donors to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer the “$100,000 Club,” the Michigan Freedom Fund on Tuesday filed a formal campaign finance complaint.

…According to state law, political officeholders facing recall efforts are allowed to collect unlimited donations – but no recall efforts are currently underway for Whitmer. Absent that exception, the state campaign contribution limit is $7,150.

Among those donors named in the MFF complaint are attorney Mark Bernstein and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

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